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The following is a list of what can be recycled and how to properly prepare for pick up.

Help keep the planet happy by recycling. Turn your paper, plastic, cardboard, glass, and aluminum over to us.


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Cardboard/Mixed Paper/Newspaper

- Does not include waxed cardboard

- All cardboard must be flattened

- Mixed paper includes all grade of paper, including white, colored, ledger, shiny coated, carbonless, or NCR papers, envelopes (including windowed, labeled, and brown paper towl) magazines, phone books, computer printout paper, glued pads and notebooks, cereal boxes, shoe boxes, etc.

- Does not include: paper towels or other paper products from restrooms or soiled napkins, paper plates and Styrofoam cups, carbon paper, cellophane or any waxed paper

- Mixed paper and newspaper may be mixed together in a paper bag, bundled, or placed in a bag


Single stream recycling (Co-mingled)

- Single stream recycling consists of plastics, container glass, tin, and aluminum

- It does not include: ceramic cups, dishes, ovenware, plate glass, safety and window glass, heat-resistant glass such as Pyrex, lead based glass such as crystal, TV tubs, or plastic shopping bags

- All recycling may be placed together in a plastic bag (no larger than 30 gallon) or in a bin of your choice labeled Recycling


Items NOT included in pick up

These items are for drop off only unless you call ahead of time to arrange a pick up for additional cost. Refer to Additional Charge Items for the prices for your items


-Tires, sofas, sofa sleepers, batteries, brick, rock, concrete, TVs, computers, remodeling/construction debris, used oil, paint-stain-varnish in a liquid state, anything including antifreeze, yard waste, "white goods" (example: stoves, refrigerators, microwaves), mattresses, or box springs


Picking up all of your recyclables


Recyclable materials

Contact the DNR for recycling information